Declutter + Organizing Tips

Living in a small space or a space without much storage can make organizing and keeping everything decluttered a hassle, especially if you have more than one person living in that same space. My boyfriend and I live in a 800 square foot, one bedroom, one bath apartment. While the two of us are pretty clean people, two people stills means twice the stuff. I’ve gotten pretty good at decluttering when stuff piles up and coming up with ways to organizing things that we do keep. Here are my top tips to decluttering and organizing all your junk!


Step 1: List of things to declutter in your home:

  • Clothing (closet and dresser, plus any extra stored away clothes)
  • Shoes
  • Make-up
  • Extra toiletries (shampoo, conditioners, toothpastes, tooth brushes, face washes, soaps, etc)
  • Pantry food
  • Refrigerator
  • Dvd’s, Video Games, CDs
  • Books
  • Personal papers and documents
  • Mail, magazines, newspapers
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Dishes, Cups, Tubberware, Pots and Pans, Mixing Bowls, Water Bottles, etc.
  • Junk drawer
  • Under the bathroom and kitchen sink
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Candles
  • Bedside table

Be sure to get boxes, trash bags and/or clear an area to make piles. You’re going to want a place to put items to donate, throw away, recycle, and keep.*Remember when decluttering to be environmentally friendly and if you can reuse or recycle, please do so!

Step 2: When decluttering asked yourself these questions:

  1. Have you worn or used it in the past year? (If no, ditch it)
  2. Am I holding on to this for sentimental reasons? (If no, ditch it. If yes, its there a better way to store it?)
  3. Does it fit my current lifestyle? (If no, ditch it)
  4. Do I have something similar already? (If yes, compare and ditch the one(s) you haven’t used in the past year or are worn)
  5. Is it broken, worn, have holes, torn, cracked, or not work? (If yes, ditch it)
  6. Would I rather have to buy a new one and will it be expensive to buy a new one?


After I’ve gone through everything and put into my piles, it’s time to clear out the donate, throw away and recycle piles and start organizing what I’m keeping. Side note: Organizing can be pricey if you don’t already have some systems in place already. I suggest reusing boxes, shopping thrift stores or stores like Marshalls for cheap solutions.

  1. Declutter/Organize by category: While going room by room sounds like a good idea, it can make it overwhelming to tackle a whole room at once. I suggest picking a room/space and then picking one category within that room to tackle at a time. (i.e. if I’m organizing the kitchen, I’ll start by organizing the pots and pans before moving on kitchen utensils.
  2. Storing Upright: Visibility is my NUMBER one tip for organizing anything. Storing everything upright allows you to find items more easily and allows you to know what you have or what you might need. I swear when you can easily see everything in a drawer, basket, cabinet, etc. it will make your life so much easier!
  3. Keep what only brings you joy: *SPOILER ALERT* This one I got from Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, so if you haven’t watched it, drop everything and go watch it right now. It’s life-changing!! If you have seen it, you’ll know that one of her biggest rules is “Keeping only what brings you joy.”
  4. Don’t keep papers: I am guilty of keeping every single paper, important or not, and eventually it piles up… While keeping some papers is needed, such as tax, business, SOME bank papers, birth certificates, insurance papers, etc., most paper you do not need to keep. For the few paper’s you do need to keep, try to keep them to a minimum and organize them in label folders for easy storage and retrieval. PLEASE SHREAD AND RECYCLE ANY AND ALL PAPER YOU THROW OUT!!!!
  5. Fridge/Pantry Organization: I am a SUCKER for an organized fridge. Using clear bins to organize different items in your fridge will help use your fridge space efficiently and will help avoid wasting food. This can also be applied to your pantry! Try keeping food items in clear or labeled bins/containers, so you always know what you have or need more of.
  6. Small boxes: Using small boxes to organize drawers helps organize by category, size, or shape. Small boxes are super great to use in your undergarment, make-up, or kitchen utensil drawer!
  7. Label: If you have a label maker… great, label away! If not, the cheapest way to label items is cutting pieces of paper, write and tape it to what you want to label, OR you can buy sheets of label stickers and write and stick!


Glass containers to organize pantry items: I use these to storage flour, sugar, pasta, cereal, and other mixes or dry pantry items.

Command Hooks: Since we rent we try our best not to put holes in the walls so Command Hooks are such a great way to hang things. For somethings that are took heavy for command hooks, like heavy coats, I’ll use these hooks. They are super easy to use, only create a small hole and are able to hold up to 50lbs depending on which ones you use.

Cube Storage Shelf: If you want a slightly more pricey way to organize your things, investing in a cube storage shelf is a great item. Most are between $25-$50 (so still SUPER affordable).  These are super versatile and can be used to store so many different things. We use ours a an entry way table, coffee bar, show rack, book shelf, and have a few basket inserts to organize art supplies and extra cords and electronics.

Cube-Shelf Storage Bins: Helps easily and neatly store things in a cube-storage shelf.

Fridge Storage Bins: Keep like-products in your fridge together by using these clear storage bins.

Plastic Storage Bins: Great for keeping your pantry just as organized as your fridge!

Clothing Drawer Organizers: What I use to keep my undergarments drawer organized (see picture).

Catch-All Baskets: Great option for a catch all bowl to put by the front door!

Storage Basket: Great for storing throw blankets, towels, or extra accessories (i.e. hats, scarfs, belts, socks, or slippers).

File Folder: My favorite way to store papers I need to keep is keeping a sorted accordion folder. This one is great because you can use it normally or hang on the wall!

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3 Ingredient, No Bake Oreo Snowballs

These Oreo snowballs are ALWAYS a big hit with everyone who tastes them and the best thing is you don’t have to bake anything!!


1 pack of Oreos

1 8oz tub of cream cheese

12-18 oz of melting chocolate


1. Crush your pack of Oreos. You can use a food processor, blender or place them in a plastic baggy and pound until crushed. (Obvi food processor or blender are most efficient)

2. Pour your crushed Oreos into a large bowl. Mix in your softened cream cheese until you cannot see any cream cheese.

3. Place in your freezer or refrigerator for 20-30 minutes.

4. Melt your chocolate as directed on packaging then take your Oreo balls out and dip them in your chocolate until completely covered. (Add sprinkles or other festive fun at this time).

5. Place your, now chocolate-covered Oreo balls, in a container or cover with plastic wrap and store in your fridge.

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12 Days of DIY Christmas- Day 5: How-To Wrap a Gift

Are you a gift-wrapper or gift-bagger?? Well either way I’m here to show you how to easily wrap a gift, so your wrapping doesn’t look like a 5 year old did it… you know who you are!

1. Pick out your perfect Christmas wrapping paper!

2. Take whatever you are wrapping and measure out exactly how much paper you will need to cover each side.

3. Starting where your box ended, plus an inch more and cut your wrapping paper.

4. Start wrapping by taking on end of your wrapping paper and covering your gift so the side and top are completely covered and tape in place.

5. To make sure you have a clean line, fold 1/4 inch of the edge and continue to wrap rest of the box.

6. Now, because of the style of wrapping paper I got, I had a lot of excess on the sides that I don’t need. So, I measure how much I need to cut off.

7. Cut any excess off the sides that’s needed.

8. Throw it away! (Or save for later on a small gift or project)

9. Lastly, pick the right or left side to start with and fold in and tape. Repeat for other side. Then, take the top and bottom and neatly fold down and tape.

10. YOURE DONE! They perfectly wrapped box. No more wasting paper because you didn’t cut enough to cover the whole present.

More Tips:

1. The key to perfect wrapping is making sure you keep your lines tight, so be sure your creasing folds and edges as you’re going along.

2. Don’t be afraid to use the tape! I typically space out multiple pieces of tape when taping down edges to help prevent crinkles and gaps.

3. Remember you’re just wrapping a gift, it’s not the olympics… if you just aren’t good at it… use a gift bag. Lol

Holiday Travel Guide

Traveling during the holidays can be SO stressful! I don’t know anyone who actually likes traveling during the holidays. Sure, everyone loves getting to see their loved ones, or in some cases, avoiding their loved ones and going on that beach vacay to the Bahamas, but no one loves the “getting there” part. Am I right??

I’ve put together a holiday packing and travel tip guide to hopefully make your Thanksgiving and Christmas travel a little more organized and a lot less stressful!

What to pack:


  • 1 pair of jeans (don’t lie, you wear a pair of jeans more than once a week before washing them again, so why would you pack multiple pairs for a short trip??)
  • 1 pair of leggings
  • 1-2 dress(es)
  • 3 shirts or sweaters
  • 1 pairs of socks for every day you plan to wear footwear requiring them
  • 1 pair of underwear for everyday you plan to be away
  • 1 nightwear/loungewear
  • 1 pair of boots/booties
  • 1 pair of flats/sneakers
  • 1 coat/jacket/pullover


  • Travel toothbrush (and unless you have a special tooth paste, there’s really no reason to pack a tube. 99.9% chance wherever you are going has a tube you can use)
  • Travel size deodorant
  • Razor
  • Face wash/care
  • Travel hair brush
  • Travel sized hairspray and dry shampoo
  • Snack-size baggy of cotton pads or balls (if needed for face care)
  • Straightener/Curling Iron
  • Phone Charger

Things to pack in your suitcase: Clothes, shoes, shampoo, razor, face wash, hairspray, straightener or curling iron

Things to pack in a carry-on/purse: Make-up Bag, deodorant, hair brush, charger

(based on 3-5 day trip)

Packing and Travel Tips

ROLL DON’T FOLD – Takes up SO much less space and keeps your clothes from getting creased or wrinkly.

Packing Cubes – Packing cubes are the best way to keep everything neat and organized in your suitcase, so you aren’t rummaging around when you get to your destination looking for that pair of socks or bottle of shampoo.

Check the weather before packing- This one’s pretty self-explanitory, you don’t want to be too hot or too cold.

Pack by outfit– Plan out your outfits before you pack. See my example below…

Wear your heaviest/bulkiest clothing when traveling – This will save you room in your suitcase and is especially helpful if you are flying and have to worry about the weight of your luggage.

Invest in a lightweight, but sturdy suitcase – The lighter the suitcase means the more you can stuff in it when flying! This is also really helpful if you are traveling with gifts… which brings me to my next tip…

If you are flying, HAVE GIFTS SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOUR DESTINATION–  This works great if you are going to visit family, just be sure to check if the package it is shipped in the original package (You don’t want the surprise to be ruined). Now, if you are going to a vacation destination, you will want to check with the hotel to see if they accept packages. If they don’t, I would either exchange gifts before or after your trip to avoid the trouble dealing with TSA.

Invest in travel-sized, reusable toiletry bottles– There is no point in packing your entire bottle of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face wash for just a few days! Buy some travel-sized reusable bottles from Target or Amazon and you can thank me later.










Halloween Make-Up: Glam Skull

Day 3 of Halloween week on the blog and I’m sharing with you my FAVORITE halloween make-up look!! This glam skull look is SO easy to do and all you really need is black eyeshadow and eyeliner!


Tarte Shape Tape

W7 Colour Me Buff and In the Buff Lightly Toasted Eye Shadow Pallette

ELF Black Liquid Eyeliner

Ardell Magnetic Lashes

Urban Decay 24/7 Black Eyeliner

Dermablend Loose Setting Powder

White Hair Spray

How to Get this Look:

Step 1: Apply “Onyx” from the “In the Buff” eyeshadow palette all over the lid. (Note: Apply lightly and in layers! You want it to be dark, but black eyeshadow is a dangerous game!!) You can apply this pretty messy and BLEND BLEND BLEND into your crease, inside corner and up past your inner brow.

Step 2: Apply “Up in Smoke” over the matte black just applied to give it little shimmer – Apply this to ONLY the LID and crease!

Step 3: Apply “Dawn” from the inner corner to about 3/4 of the way before your outer corner.

Step 4: Apply black liner all around your eye from inner to outer corner on upper and lower waterline.

Step 5: Take black liquid liner and trace along your upper lash line from about half-way to the outer corner and create a small wing.

Step 6: Apply and blend out concealer under your eyes, and cover your lips as well. Apply a white or very pale powder foundation over your entire face.

Step 7: Take black liquid liner and create a slightly-upward horizontal line from each corner of your  mouth and draw short lines from end to end crossing the long black line.

Step 8: With the black eyeliner trace a teardrop shape with a rigged top on the tip of your nose and fill in with with black liquid liner.

Step 9: Apply the false magnetic lashes and apply black mascara to your bottom lash line.

Step 10: (Optional) Curl your hair and spray white colored hairspray all throughout your hair to complete the look!

Feel free to ask me any questions via this post or DM me and send me pictures if you try these looks out on my Instagram!

Stay spooky!

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Mental Health – A Journey Not a Destination

World Mental Health Day is today so in honor of it I wanted to talk about it..

Everyone’s story with mental health is different and different things work for different people and situations, but I’m hoping by talking about it we can all help each other out, even if it’s that someone learns that they aren’t alone. Mental health is one of, if not, the most important thing we deal with as humans. Life has its ups and downs, emotions go up and down, always being in a 100% positive mental state is unrealistic, but so is the opposite and being able to accept that was a very freeing thing for me.

For me, my mental health journey started when I was about 14 and my parents decided to divorce. It hit me out of nowhere. Never in my worst nightmares did I ever expect my parents to ever split up. A lot of other really unfortunate things happened that same year, but I’m trying to keep it short and that’s what got the anxiety and depression ball rolling.

So as any barely-teenager would do, I bottled it up. I didn’t want to talk about my family struggles or how I was dealing with it. I still remember to this day in my eighth grade art class when one of my friends found out everything that had been going on with me and my family and she said, “Wow. I never would have known anything was ever wrong. You always seem so happy and bubbly.” And in truth, that’s just my personality, even if I’m dealing with a lot. But as the years have gone by, I have learned it is ok to talk about my emotions with people I trust and it’s normal to not be happy all the time.

The breakthrough to more positive thinking for me was realizing that some things in life I am just not able to control, which was really tough for a control freak like me… accepting that I wasn’t able to control other peoples actions, accepting that its ok to not be ok all the time, accepting it is ok to spend a little time alone, accepting that it is ok to not please everyone and that everyone makes mistakes, accepting that WE ARE HUMAN.

I have good and bad days, weeks, and months; sometimes it feels like I’ll never get out of the funk I’m in, but here are some of my favorite things to help keep me positive even on my worst days…

  • Breathe – stop whatever you’re doing and BREATHE. For however long you want or need.
  • Exercise/Get moving- endorphins, endorphins, endorphins – your brains best friends!
  • GET OUTSIDE – this is my personal fav!! Getting outside in the sun and fresh air really helps up my spirits on bad days.
  • Drink water and eat healthy – a healthy snack will never make you feel bad about yourself!
  • Trigger Tracking – keep a list of events that triggered certain emotions (anxiety, depression, panic attack, etc) this helps with self-awareness and allows you to avoid those events or situations.
  • Reach out to someone – a trusting, close friend, family member, or therapist. Get it out there don’t hold it in.
  • Write down one to three good things that happened each day – I guarantee there is at least ONE good thing that happened even on your worst day!
  • DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!! – (especially on social media) EVERYONE is going to post their best self, but you are the only one who can be you and that is so special!

Your mental health is more important that anything/anyone else and it will only get better if you want it to and are willing to work towards a more positive lifestyle. Mental health is a lifelong journey and remember…

Your negative thoughts are lying to you and you are loved, you are worthy and you are only you and that’s more than enough! 

How I Go Days Without Washing My Hair

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told not to wash your hair everyday! *raises hand WAY up there* I have always been told that washing your hair daily is a BIG no-no. I do know too much cleansing can strip the healthy oils on your scalp; lessening the protection to your scalp. This is why I try to only wash my hair 2x a week, sometimes three depending on what my week looks like. My normal wash days are Sunday & Wednesday. So what do I do on the other five days of the week? Here are my tips & tricks for keeping your hair looking fresh & clean in between washes:

1. WASHING & RINSING: On days I do actually wash my hair, I wash it REALLY REALLY well. By this I mean using a good amount of product to cleanse, lathering my scalp thoroughly & making sure I rinse every last drop of shampoo out.

2. MOISTURIZING: Since I have blonde hair, I make sure to apply my purple conditioner on the days I wash my hair to protect my color, tone & hydrate! Then, after my hair is slightly towel dried, I also apply a bit of leave in condition to the ends of my hair ONLY with my hands and work it through using my fingers.

3. AIR DRYING: Letting your hair air dry as much as possible is SO important! I typically wash my hair at night, so time isn’t really an issue for me. I, also absolutely hate blow drying my hair! It takes me 5-ever to do with such thick, long hair & I don’t like combing or brushing through my hair while it’s wet or damp (TOO MUCH BREAKAGE). So once the towel comes off, I apply the leave-in conditioner & let it be. Once it is completely dry, I make sure to give it a quick brush through & apply a couple spritz of dry shampoo at my roots to help absorb dirt & oil at the start, keeping my hair looking fresher longer. (One of my favorite tips!!)

4. STYLING: For styling on day one, I typically straighten my hair. This helps sleek down any frizz & makes it easy to curl the following day. Curling it on day two helps the curls to hold longer, especially for someone with naturally mostly straight hair. Slightly dirty hair holds curls better & will help create more volume where needed! Day three or “wash day” I try to give my hair a break from any heat and will wear it up or if my curls from the previous day still look good, I’ll just leave it. The next tip is key to keeping it looking clean!


5. D-R-Y SHAMPOO: Dry shampoo is a heaven sent – can I get an amen?! As you can see in the picture above on the left, my roots are pretty dang greasy & weighed down by day three, but in less than two minutes my hair looks clean and full-bodied thanks for dry shampoo! I apply dry whenever I feel my hair is looking greasy or needs a little UMPH! My favorite dry shampoo currently is Batiste & the best part is you can get it for only $5.99 at Target or what I like to do is buy it from Marshalls, you can get TWICE the amount for only a little bit more money!!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

There you have it, those are my five steps to keeping my hair looking good between washes! While I’m not a hair stylist or beauty guru, this is what works for me, keeps my hair looking fresh & allows me to keep it healthier than if I was washing it everyday! I’d love to hear your tips for keeping your hair looking fresh between washes, so drop a comment at the end of the post!

This blog post is not associated or sponsored by any brands or stores mentioned. All opinions are my own.