Small Shops, Big Gifts – Shopping Small for the Holidays

It’s officially December and christmas shopping is already in full swing. I’m sure tons of you have already done a lot of your shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but if you still have a few people on your list, or if you’re like me and still have your whole list to shop for, I’m here to encourage you to shop small this holiday season.

Shopping small is important all the time, but I really feel like at this time of the year it can make a big difference to the business owner. It could mean extra presents under their own tree, a christmas bonus for their employees, or  maybe even being able to keep their business open another month. That is why I’m dedicated to doing all my gift shopping at small businesses this year.

I know we live in a world of conveinence and going to an actual brick and mortar store doesn’t always fit into that world, but instead of scrolling mindlessly on Amazon for hours or heading to target to stroll up and down every isle, why not stroll in an out of that row of small shops downtown (or wherever they may be)? By shopping small you get a more personal shopping experience, better customer service, and will be able to find unique gifts for everyone on your list.

Also, did you know that when you shop small you’re actually doing a huge favor for yourself? When you shop local you actually help to lower taxes and use them more efficiently within your community. It also helps increase your own and your community’s wealth!

So, when you’re shopping this season keep in mind shopping small and local. You can get a tree from a small farm or tree lot instead of Lowes or Home Depot, pick up some baked goods at the local bakery instead of that big grocery store’s, shop the holiday pop-up markets (if they have any in your area), or grab that perfect personalized gift from the small shop on the corner.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!





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