Holiday Gift Guide: Dad/DIL

Luckily my dad is literally the easiest person on the planet to shop for, but I feel that is a rarity, so here is a list of awesome gifts to get for your old man (or honestly any guy in your life)!

(Click on image to shop. As an Amazon associate I may earn from qualifying purchases.)

Whisky Glass ($15.95)

Sanuks Cozy Slip-Ons (Price varies w/ size)

Fossil Smart Watch ($174.99)

Windshield Snow Cover ($19.99)

Carhartt Flannel-Lined Coat ($99.99)

NFL Beanie (Prices vary w/ teams)

NHL Old Time Hockey Hoodie (Prices vary w/ team)

Leather Travel Bag ($149.99)

GH Bass Cabin Moccasins

(Originally $70.00. On sale right now for $34.99!!)

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