Carolina Strong

“There’s a Place Where Everything’s Better & Everything’s Safe..” -OTH

Nothing says, “Welcome to coastal Carolina” like the most threatening hurricane the area & state has seen in years, am I right?? Moving to Wilmington we knew we’d be subject to hurricanes but we didn’t realize how quickly it would happen! We evacuated to Virginia to stay with family the just a few days before Hurricane Florence made landfall less than 10 miles from our home, after having just moved there about two weeks prior!

Thankfully because of social media & the amazing community that is Wilmington, we were able to keep updated & know that we were VERY fortunate; our apartment & complex had minimal damage. We still don’t know the state of our specific apartment, but we have high hopes no roof leaks happened & all of our stuff is sitting pretty and waiting for us to come home..

While we were very lucky, others in Wilmington and surrounding areas of North & South Carolina were not so lucky. Below is a list of awesome groups and charities that you can donate to to help the Carolinas rebuild after the massive storm and flooding wiped away almost everything some people had. Personally, I am very selective with what charities or organizations I will donate to because not all of them are transparent in where the money actually goes! I wanted to make this list to give people (like me) the opportunity to make a difference without having to worry about if their money is actually being used for the right causes!

Cajun Navy – The Cajun Navy is an amazing non-profit & has been putting in WORK in NC!!!

Cape Fearless Challenge– The amazing women of the show One Tree Hill (which was filmed in ILM) are raising money to support wilmington disaster efforts! You can also get a “To North Carolina with Love” t-shirt which 100% of the profits will go to the Random Acts’ relief efforts!

We Wilm Rebuild – Started by a group of students from UNC Wilmington that want to help their home

North Carolina Community Foundation – All funds raised for their disaster relief fund are  given to other non-profit organizations working to help those affected by Hurricane Florence. Make sure to designate “disaster relief” your donation will go to help Hurricane Florence relief.

Team Rubicon – International non-profit that prepared and sent volunteers from all across the southern united states to help aid those affected by the hurricane. You can donate directly to Hurricane Florence efforts with this link!

Diaper Bank of North Carolina – All babies should have access to clean diapers!!

We are still stuck in Virginia for the time being. Road access to and from Wilmington either doesn’t exist at the moment or is very limited & still extremely unsafe. I wish I could make it back to help those in need in person, but since I can’t I want to do what I can from afar!! Please consider donating or volunteering to help the hurricane disaster relief efforts!

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